This person has written a lot of V3 stories, all of them unique due to a great characterization and a beautiful, mature style. as well as Pairing(s): Akamatsu Kaede/Saihara Shuichi, Oma Kokichi/Shinguji Korekiyo,Chabashira Tenko/Yumeno Himiko, Shinguji Korekiyo/Tojo Kirumi, Tags: Alternate Universe - Talentswap (Dangan Ronpa), Canon Rewrite, Virtual Reality, Human K1-B0 (Dangan Ronpa), Different murders, Different Culprits, Different Survivors, New Dangan Ronpa V3 Spoilers, Ouma's somehow less of an ass yet more of one at the same time, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Implied/Referenced Abuse(Per several backstories; not in the present; dw), Angst and Humor. Status: Main story completed, with bonus chapters and a (dormant) prequel. 48. Summary: Agro Tenma is this year's Ultimate Luck, stuck under the shadow of an older sister who was also an Ultimate. Right? in which Miu asks Shuichi if he is still going to plow her into the mattress. It stars Kata Tsuga, who possesses the unusual-for-a-protagonist talent of SHSL Blogger. Contains some spoilers from the original games. willow_charm, trickyyy_lolz, Junkerfangirl, gracklecackle, CottonCandyCherry, FoxyGalactic, BananasAreDelicious, Tsudere_fm, Petit_HannanLee, Ten_Friday, Al_Alex, Luminara_Night, MariaTheDork, ShootingStarsAtNight, oou, Zoobo, TayGamer, oreles, NepBetune, ChaoticCharacter49, niyex, FlowofWizality, kugigf, TheCreatureInYourWalls, sinfulshell, G_bb, Citrusking29, Cale_is_my_god, Xxdumbweirdo, Sucksocks, apocalypseaunow, MissThomasTia, Mistrile, HotDoggo, Katcherrypop, UnknownZero, Wandering_River, CyprinusRubrofuscus, doom_delrey, rainsweptlily, PayDulceAmargo, SuSu_ka, SleepyInsomiac, sleepyXbreeze, Its_Aru, orbital_stress, Bi__Disaster, Funkita, Tyingto_NoyFail_InLife, Helehal, and 2265 more users Dawn of a New Day Comments: A very good story that has the Hope's Peak staff hide Izuru Kamakura by transferring him to U.A's Class 1-A and has him have a foil in the form of Izuku. Summary: The Most Despair-Inducing Incident in the History of Mankindit only makes sense that such a catastrophic event would spread to the other side of the world. Tom Riddle x Harry Potter He doesnt need them, this time around. she is sure that she is supposed to be hearing voices, but is a little confused why it is telling her to look up. Recommended by: Humble-Novice, Sakami, Net Neutrality, Synopsis: Three different sacrifices are made, and three different survivors stumble out of the rubble. An, Comments: Well-written and updated almost weekly, the story explores the changes and consequences that unfold due to, Recommended by: Sentairider42, MrHollowRabbit, Net Neutrality, Synopsis: Author's Summary "The first investigation was going exactly as the Mastermind hoped it would. It's excellent with writing in-character and giving the lesser characters a chance to shine. Makoto and Kyoko reluctantly agree to tell her the story of their first two years together before Junko stole their memories. EDIT (April 2022): This fic is finally completely finished, epilogue and all. The cast is especially well-rounded and enjoyable to read, and there's some good twists to boot. " , !" Comments: Though it follows the same storyline as the original, there are some divergences from the canon version through the role swap between Hajime and Chiaki. Epilogue. Comments: It's the last part of The World After The End Trilogy. A series of cute scenes between Chiaki and Hajime, set after the events of, Summary: One-shot. danganronpa kokichiouma oumasai +3 more # 9 Just A Game [SAIOUMA] by were all clowns in this house. Kaito: "Alright Kokichi, I'm starting the press and the camera now. 13. 3046 guests What is a certain Luckster managed to find her before it was too late? Who am I kidding, who would miss someone like me? - Amami helps cure Ouma's nightmares with his rainforest playlist on Spotify. The direction it's taking is phenomenal, and the author (who writes a lot of meta on V3) has a great understanding of the characters, most particularly Ouma. 30. Something about her is just too odd to ignore, even for an Ultimate, and Monokuma wants to get to the bottom of it. He has a second chance to change the outcome of the game. This story incorporates many of the iterations of the series, including media other than video games. Synopsis: Fifteen students, trapped in a school where they are forced to play a Mutual Killing Game. Their excitement is short-lived, however, as they soon find themselves kidnapped and forced to partake in a twisted gamea game of Mutual Killing. 15. Class Trial 2 School starts in 6 hours, and Makoto and his classmates are trying to ignore the various calls and texts they're getting from their upperclassmen. Also, for those who are interested, my significant other and I are currently in the process of making a visual novel version of this fic! Summary: Leon's just suffered a bad break-up with Sayaka, so Mondo and Chihiro help cheer him up by going on a weeklong road trip to visit Chihiro's parents, pretending to be on tour all the while. ", Kaito: "It's fine, the cameras are out and the press will ruin any chance Monokuma has of finding the truth. Comments: Despite the seemingly simplistic premise, this story is so much more than meets the eye. Everyone thought ndrv3 would be time loop central so I decided to write this time loop AU and give the masses what they want. ", Kaito: "Well, don't get me wrong, I hate your guts and your a bastard. How Are you ready. Failing to live up to his title, Naegi has one semester to prove himself before he is expelled. "Jesus, you're a bad liar too!" Summary: Junko Enoshima executed Chiaki Nanami to throw her classmates into despair. I'm sorry Miu, you filthy cum dumpster. Despair Inspired by Legacy of Despair above, and follows the same script format. Any platform! No one is out of character, and Judith's journey from beggar to, Status: Complete (a sequel is in the works, however). Hopes Peak Academy Fluffiness Committee hopes you enjoy.). And gone too is the whiteboard which once stood front and center in the room, completely covered with pictures of his fellow classmates as he stood in front of it and tried for hours on end to pinpoint the link tying them together and the ringleaderbehind this game that theyre in. Inland Empire - Good try. In this one, Sayaka Maizono didn't try to go through with her plans for murder. And then Ouma picked up the ball. It had a lot of little issues, but the biggest thing that put me off was the ending. Her murder plot goes off without a hitch, she graduates from the academy, and Makoto and co. are all left to starve to death. Man that would suck if he died during one of my monologues I wrote for him. Synopsis: Being awoken on an island with no collective memory of how you got there, only to be forced into a death game with a bunch of strangers who appear to be rather interesting to say the least, by a sadistic mechanical animal and a company you know nothing about except for their name, would be a less than pleasant, and more so impossible, situation, right?Unfortunately for Hayasaka, that reality is all too real. Synopsis: A single event can change the course of history. Can be found on and It has spoilers for all games, some novels and two fangames (Danganronpa Another and Super Danganronpa Another 2) so I dont know if youd be interested. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. I'm going to second these recommendations myself. Loose sequel to, Tags: Mystery, Murder Mystery, Drama, Suspense, Friendship, Hurt/Comfort, Eventual Romance, Hope vs. Even though it's rare pair fic, it was magnificently written. I FOUND THE LOGIN TO TBIS ACCOUNT AGAIN hello chapter 2ers here are a collection of miscellaneous SHINY NEW DRAWINGS before i DISAPPEAR INTO THE VOID. But what if she survived her execution? The Hands We're Dealt Comments: A very well written story exploring an interesting concept. Togami really shouldn't care. Kaede becomes a hybrid of herself and a fully spoiled V3 player, and acts like it: slapping everything and everyone for Monocoins, Status: Dormant; last updated October 2020, Synopsis: Author's Summary "You stand at a point and see two roads leading in different directions. As soon as school starts he would escape from his "friends" and leave. As stated above, the first chapters already spoilt some late-game plot threads, so it's best to read this fic once you've completed the main story of DRV3. This fic is basically one of those, but with. This story attempts to fill the gap before the final scene of DR3: Hope Side. try fanganronpa its an american version of hopes peak where the students are trapped in a mall and have to do a mutual killing. The End It parts from the premise of Fuyuhiko stopping Akane from fighting against Monokuma and the party night going without any major issues until the next morning, that is. this is an original fanfiction, maybe i'm the first one who make this one but i really hope you like it. There is ship tease in places but no outright shipping. Ever wonder how sweet, innocent Chihiro would interact with rude, vulgar Miu? ", Kaito: "Quit screwing around. Naruto just can't figure out what is wrong with Sasuke. Synopsis: Slowly, they fall into despair without realizing it. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, In short, just another night for the 77th and 78th Classes of Hope's Peak Academy. As such discussion is important, do remember to add the discussion page to the watchlist if need be. Summary: After the destruction of SHSL Despair's plans at Hope's Peak Academy, the Remnants of Despair are ready for their plan on Jabberwock Island. Feel free to add a fanfic to the list, but remember to use the template found here. No actual NSFW. A Side of Aoi/Sakura, Aoi POV, Tragic, optimistic, life in the, Summary: The road to recovery is paved with night terrors. Apparently, nobody expected Makoto Naegi to be femaleexcept Monokuma, but he doesn't count. ", Comments: A great AU fic that depicts how things wouldve gone if, Pairing(s): Shuichi Saihara/Kaede Akamatsu, Maki Harukawa/Kaito Momota. DanganRonpa 69 Ultra Despair Gang: Really, ANOTHER Episode? There are already a bunch of mysteries and intrigue. The Final Trial Part 2 Apparently, everything. A Dangan Ronpa story written in script style, featuring an original plotline and characters. ", Kaito: "Let me finish, this plan of your's is awesome. This is a battle between detective and culprit. Danganronpa. Clocking in at over 200k words, it'll definitely eat up some of your time, but it's a very pleasant read that definitely deserves more love. Uses some old fan translation terms cause it was written before the official English release, but still really good. There are many parts where you would be stifling laughter and then the next, you would feel like crying. I actually had fun messing with you. Full of twists and mysteries in the first case alone. --caf au-- Despite appearances, despite expectations, the detective and the maid cross paths, time and time again. But just as inevitable as Despair could be so, too, could Hope. Lots of hijinks and heartbreak per Dangan Ronpa tradition. "-spill the Naruto travels to the past to save humanity when the future is destroyed. This is the story of how Kiyotaka Ishimaru destroyed the world, and how he became the mastermind of a twisted game of betrayal and survival at Hope's Peak. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. Comments: This fic is filled with a number of likable characters who will no doubt get you to cry over when they get killed, intriguing mysteries, and is quite the. It manages to make the. Shuuichi decides that he'd rather escape altogether, be it through dreams or death. Comments: An incredibly well-written romance between two characters that are sadly often ignored in fanwork. 236 20 3 Shuichi Saihara had been going to Hope's Peak for two years and has been picked on by Kokichi Ouma since day one. N-No I'm not!" Follow the adventure of Kyon Utsurugi, the SHSL Detective, as he and his friends uncover the mysteries of a mysterious social group called the Bringers of a New Future. Synopsis: Link is about to start his new year at Hope's Peak Academy. 27. 12. Don't let the main ship put you off, the story will actually drag you into the rare pair and make you start shipping it because of how accurate the characterizations of all the characters depicted are. While finding her way back home, Peko is fighting and searching for hope along with this question: "What do you fight for?". I feel the cold press touch my skin for a split second before it crushes me. Summary: One-shot. I'm sorry I couldn't help myself! Summary: Mondo Oowada gives a practical lesson on the differences between 'I killed', 'I ended up killing', and 'I tried to kill but failed miserably'. I love all the characters so I don't care who is the main character! ", Kaito: "Whether I like it or not, you've rubbed off on me in a way I guess.". tip: "uchiha sasuke/uzumaki naruto" angst kudos>10, 1. This story stars 26 characters trapped by Monokuma in a game of Mutual Killing. Comments: A unique crossover with a very intriguing premise. Press J to jump to the feed. With knowledge from last time, he may actually stand a fighting chance of beating the mastermind. I feel a surge of unimaginable pain and everything goes black. A variety of interesting, Summary: A fusion fic that puts the cast of. Time Travel (53488) Angst (11680) Time Travel Fix-It (11202) Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence (10496) Time Loop (8284) Hurt/Comfort (6362) Alternate Universe (6308) Fluff (6267) Alternate Universe - Time Travel (5111) Other Additional Tags to Be Added (4493) Other tags to exclude More Options Crossovers. She just didn't know the answer yet. I'm going to spill the beans-" After being pulled from death's door, she's forced to work under a certain organization while enduring psychological torment and the complex relationship with her former teacher. Enjoyable even by non-WWE fans. He might not even survive through the whole trial. (Y/n) (L/n) is the Ultimate Film Director, a name that has been held in her family for generations, so she would naturally go to the prestigious Hope's Peak Academy. Comments: One of the best case five rewrites out there. Will despair overshadow hope, or will hope shine in the darkness of despair? Synopsis: 16 students of Hope's Peak Academy suffering from memory loss find themselves imprisoned inside a fortress where the only way out is either die or kill and get away with the deed. Follow. Comments: Ever seen one of those comedy movies where a bunch of bros go on a road trip and get into wacky hijinks along the way? Synopsis: When Shuichi Saihara, the Ultimate Artist, finds himself waking up in a strange new place, he has no idea what to think. Fingering the remote, Junko giggles to herself. Connecting Dots I think we can really pull this off and force Monokuma to let us go. And one ominous name consistently shows up, promising answers to the cast that they may not like: just what is the story behind the "Weltall Reactor"? what makes a 1964 d penny rare, aiken standard police bookings, mike levine inventor,